Tuesday, January 1, 2008

For Thanksgiving this year we went to Bear Lake, UT for the Strength of a Bear Stevenson family reunion, all of Amanda's brothers and sisters. There were 29 people there. We rented out a cabin that was three levels and had an awesome view of the lake. I'm sure without 29 people in it, the cabin is pretty large, needless to say it was "cozy". Despite the lack of leg room, we totally partied for four days, hiking/walking, hot tubing, eating, playing football, and eating some more.
The kids made neckalaces and had a talent show and had the chance to earn an indian name. Here is a picture a Nadine in the process. How it works is the indian brave comes before Chief Sitting Bull (Grandpa) to recieve an indian name, so then they have to obey the code of silence and "spread their wings" while the chief lifts them with only a few, clawlike fingers under the armpits from off the ground onto a chair and then back to the ground. From personal experience I can tell you it is excruciatingly painful. I was amazed at how all the grandkids actually did it! I think the Chief is a lot softer than he used to be!
We had the Stevenson Family Olympics in the gym at the church. We competed in high and long jump, sit-ups, push-ups, sit and reach and an obstacle course. There was some serious competing going on and I know some people were sore for many a day. The best was the races to the end of the gym and back. I so wish I had a video of the 50+ race, my mom against my dad! It was sweet seeing them run their little hearts out.

For everyone I think the pinnacle of the reunion was the inaugural SF3, Stevenson Family Film Festival. Each family had to put together a film and present it. Of course there were awards, but I was totally blown away at how awesome they all turned out. Amanda's oldest brother Dan put together a clip of the highlights. Enjoy!

This is just a sample of them, I wish I could put them all on here for you to see. If you really want we can probably work out a way for you to see them. A high standard was set for the next SF3.


Annie said...

Awesomme compilation of clips! Woohoo for SF3!

Kelly O. Cardon said...

If I could wish to have any other family besides my own, it would be yours! Always has been always will be ! I LOVE your blog and YOU'RE PREGNANT AGAIN??? Is it a boy finally?

Beatrix Kiddo said...

I love your family!!!!!!!!!! I remember having some initiations of my own when I visited your family after they moved to Huntsville. I remember the coffin one the best.