Monday, March 31, 2008

Family Pictures

So, I really have been trying to get even a snapshot of our family in this stage that I could post but we can't seem to get an acceptable one. And, I bet it just gets harder the more children you have. So here I have a picture of each of us on the same day. Almost just as good, right?

Here's Nora-cha-cha, eating one of her favorites, pesto. She is just so cute and squishy. In nursery there is a little boy named Rorie that thinks so too. Whenever it's time for the lesson and they all have to sit down, he always sits on her, because he loves her. Then the teacher says everyone hold hands, like stand in a circle and hold hands and he just holds her hands, both of them. So sweet.

Here's Naomi-cakes, she is always making us smile. She really is sweet and tries to keep the peace in our home. I'm sometimes surprised at both her and Nadine and how selfless they can be for three year olds, we have totally been blessed with good children. Naomi is like her dad in a lot of ways, specifically, she's definitley a night owl and is the last to fall asleep of the girls and maybe even of everyone sometimes. And she can sleep later than anyone.
Here's Nadine-bean (a.k.a. Cinderella, Mary Poppins, Snow White or any Disney princess, Dora, etc.) This little girl is pretty creative and usually is the ring leader out of the three. For the past month and probably more she has been a bit obsessed about her swimming suits and spends so much of the day transferring them from her backpack to an ice cream bucket to the couch then to a grocery bag and on and on. Then she'll ask me, "What should I do with my swimsuits now?" She's a little fireball!
Here's Klabey, Dad, Prince Eric, the witch, the beast, and so much more. What a babe! Nadine and Naomi already know that he is the one they are going to marry. Klave has been working hard on our yard and investigating the stock market so we can retire rich, plus his real job and calling and just keeping us all happy. He is so good at it too!
Ok, I guess since I am a part of the family I should also make an appearance on the blog for history sake at least. This is Amanda, 38 weeks pregnant. This has really been a great pregnancy but the last few weeks have become pretty torturous. If any of you have experienced restless leg syndrome you know the kind of distress, agony, torment etc. that I have been going through. But alas just a day more. Unless something happens before then, I'll be induced on wednesday, that's April 2. Yahoo!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Three curly sue's...

I love having 8,30 church, besides having the whole day after church to relax and be together, I get to put sponge curlers in the girls' hair each saturday night. So here is the before picture.

I couldn't believe I actually got curlers into all of Nora's hair, I never thought she'd sit through it let alone keep them in all night. Sunday mornings are a breeze, I just take out the curlers, stick a bow in it, and voila!

This picture doesn't show the curls all that well but they are sooooooooo cute.

Third time's a charm.

It's just too bad when this phrase is referring to the color you paint your kitchen! I was so excited to get our kitchen all painted and finished and be done with painting and just put our house back together until this....

The picture actually makes it look a lot better than it was. I did most of it when Nora was taking a nap but when Klave got home he's like, "Don't even finish painting it." It was that bad. A little too retro for us. So we wait a week for paint to go on sale again and Klave took on the job. I wasn't sure of the color we wanted but just something neutral I told him. This is what he interpreted by neutral...

A little too reminiscent of those colorful houses you see as you fly over Mexico. I really wanted to be nice about it but after just a few hours (ok it was more like moments) I knew I couldn't live with it. That night I went and got one last can of paint. Neutral...

Not as exciting as the first two options but something I can live with a lot easier. I guess I appreciate it that much more now.