Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Just kickin' it

The girls and I are having fun on our way to California. We haven't quite gotten there yet. It's been about five weeks since we left Moses Lake, we spent 3 weeks in Seattle with my brother and his family but they were leaving for Hawaii so we moved on down to Weiser for Thanksgiving. We had so much fun there. Klave got to take four days off to come visit us. He totally surprised us and got there four hours earlier than we expected him. All of the girls missed him so much, but not as much as I did. Nora just clung to his leg the whole night and just kept saying Daddy, Daddy! She is definitley a daddy's girl. We went to Klave's cousins' wedding at the Courtyard Marriot. It was a pretty wedding but after the ceremony as we went into the reception Naomi was totally confused. "Why didn't they get married? They just kissed, they didn't even go to the temple." She was very disappointed. But not for long, those girls didn't leave the dance floor all night long. They are party animals! We had such a blast dancing all night with all of Klave's family.
Klave went home on sunday and then a couple days later Klave's parents left for a conference over in Boise. We were left with Kassee and Maycee Klave's teenage sisters. It was a blast because we got to do all the chores on the ranch. Feed the chickens, the dogs, the horses and the calves. Let the sheep out and bring them in at night. These girls are hardworkers, well that's what I was trying to teach them anyway. After 15 minutes of crying because Naomi got dirt in her flip flops we got down to business and they really loved it. They are kind of sissies like their mom, they don't like to get dirty. Here's Lucy taking a bath in the mudroom sink at Grammee and Papa's.

So now we are down in Utah with my family for a little while and I'm praying we'll be in California by Christmas!