Friday, March 6, 2009

Wild life..

So we haven't seen any bears or mountain lions yet (except for Klave who found a bear with her cub just 20 ft from him! Scary!) but on the way to the post office the other day Naomi did get attacked by a yellow lab. These two huge dogs squirmed out of the gate as their owner was coming out and just barreled into Naomi and clenched their teeth on either side of her forhead, then scraped them all the way across. Now that was really scary, the poor girl was terrified! The thing that baffels me is that the next day she wanted to walk past the same house! It doesn't look pretty but luckily she's ok. Pics later... maybe?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Unwilling conversion

Just to let everyone know what's up, we have converted to the Amish lifestyle, no, not by choice.  We absolutely love it here in California, the weather (which actually isn't that different from other places we've lived), our ward (totally rocks, maybe even more than Ferndale 1st ward, maybe), Klave's job.  It's all going really well.  Only we haven't sold our home in Moses Lake so we've had to sacrifice many former necessities the hardest being the internet.  And since we got kicked out of the library, I'm kind of nervous to go back.  Also we don't have cable or satellite, which we can do without but then the wires on our car radio melted out when we charged the battery so we have no contact with the rest of the world besides our cellphones.  Luckily we've made some good friends here so once in a while I can get online and touch base with the rest of the world.  We're living in a really small town right now, that's really close to Klave's work.  Everyday we take a walk to the post office to get our mail and then walk around almost the entire town and stop at the school playground for a while.  There is tons of hiking and outdoors stuff to do around here, so especially when it gets warmer we'll be taking advantage of that.  I've been running with a friend and her four dogs, up on a mountain trail and as you go into the park there is a sign that says, "Beware of mountain lions"  I don't think I would go without her dogs.  Once when she was running alone with her dogs, a bear came pummeling down the mountain and across the trail right in front of her.  There is so much wildlife out here, it's pretty cool to see it all.  Well I'll have to post some pictures next time, or just come and visit!