Thursday, August 14, 2008

Always room for one more!

A week ago we got to have alot of my family come and visit. I love it because we never just have one person or family come visit. As many people as can get school and work off and as many people as can squeeze in the car will come too. We had Liz and her three kids come (we missed Brayden, who had football) my mom, Annie, Michelle and then the last part of the week Grace and her kids came too. All of the kids played together so well and were really excited to see eachother. It was a blast!
The first day we walked down to the park by the lake and had a picnic and practiced our baby drops. I don't remember it hurting so badly when I was in 3rd grade. Liz had a pretty sweet bruise behind her knee all week. That night we went to the movie in the park. We saw Enchanted, I can't believe with all my girls I hadn't seen it before. I loved it.
Elizabeth has turned into a maniacal, rock hard, workout machine, so we "got" to workout with her a few times. It was great except that I couldn't straighten my legs for a week, they were so sore. We also spent a day at the water park. We all took a turn on the flo-rider. You can see on the slide show a great wipe-out picture of Klave. He actually did the standing up one where the rest of us did the body board side. It's great fun just make sure you have your swim bottoms on good. It's dangerous that way, just ask Annie.
In the outrageously hot weather we also conquered the Wild Horse Monument hike and a cookout at the sand dunes. The hike is actually only about a quarter of a mile, if that. But it's steep and we had a lot of kids. The cookout at the sand dunes we all agreed was something we would definitley remember. It's not like the sand dunes in Rexburg that you can play on and slide down. It was more like your worst nightmare. Building a fire to roast hot dogs when it's 100 degree weather and smores where the chocolate is melted before you open the package. Sand in all of your food. I guess I was getting desperate for exciting things to do in Moses Lake. I only wish we took some pictures.
One of my favorite things is girls night out with my sisters and mom. This year it was Klave and 11 kids so we put them to bed before we left. We went to dinner at El Rodeo(good food) and had so much fun talking. We have so much fun together, I laugh so hard with them and my cheeks always hurt by the end of the night from smiling so much. It's too bad we live so far from each other, but it just makes the reunions that much sweeter.

Monday, August 11, 2008

And you will be bless!

On my mission the Africans would always say that. I love it! Anyway I have so much to blog about which I will get to someday, but right now I just have to say how blessed we have been. I'm amazed! I have really wanted to get serious about getting our food storage this year and have been working on it as much as I can. You just have to know that when you want to do something the prophet asks you to do, Heavenly Father is going to help you do it. Soooooooo, on with the list. Twice now someone has called us that is moving and decides to just give us their food storage and emergency preparedness stuff, hundreds of dollars worth of food and supplies!!!! A free deep freezer, free flats of strawberries for jam, a great inside deal on some heavy duty storage shelves. I know there is more that I'm forgetting at this moment but basically our storage room is overflowing. I see how the Lord blesses us way more than we deserve, it makes me want to be so much better!