Sunday, February 24, 2008

It's a pink.

So in case you can't tell from the little icon we have on our blog panel, we are having another girl! It's the age of specialization right. I think Klave was hoping for a Klave Jr. but not this time. I think it's because he talks on his cell phone all day and it kills his boy sperms. I heard that that will really affect it.
0I'm ready to go with a new letter of the alphabet for this one's name, I was thinking Quincy, or Avery, or Bailey. Klave says, "How about Nincy or Navery or Nailey. I guess he's not ready to break away from the N's just yet. Any ideas?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

My personal fashion consultant.

At bedtime each night, Naomi always lays out pajama's for me. She loves these bottoms that are yellow with pink stars on them. They are alright I guess but being pregnant they aren't as comfy as usual. One night I opted for a more comfortable pair and the next morning she totally reprimanded me for not listening to her. I couldn't believe she remembered and that it meant so much to her. She is always making me laugh!

Good times in Sammamish

So, once a month we get to go over to Sammamish, right by Seattle so we can go to the temple and visit Amanda's brother and his family. We always have a good time. This time Klave went up to Bellingham for a few days of training and so the girls and I hung out with Grace and her kids. We went to this place called Kids Bounce. They have all those inflatable slides and rooms and obstacle course. It was like a barrel of monkey's!
Nadine and Naomi just kept going and going and Nora couldn't go anywhere because everything was too bouncy.We had all the kids race through the obstacle course, Grace's kids Jacob and Sam, Nadine, Naomi and then Grace helped Nora through. I would have done it, in fact I tried but there are spaces much too small for a very pregnant woman to squeeze through.

Nadine rocked the house on the obstacle course, she even lapped everyone once. The rest of them got a little distracted I think. Naomi found a ball part way through and wanted to take it the rest of the way with her but had to fight another little girl over it first. She won!

I took Nora down the huge slide, it took me a few moments at the top to get up the courage. It was really weird because all these little kids are whizzing up and down it but it seemed kinda dangerous from way up there. I've become such a scaredy-cat since having kids!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Go Big Bend!

Two weekends ago we went to the Big Bend Community College boys basketball game to see Klave's cousin play. They are ranked pretty high in the division and played a team that is not even ranked and lost in a close game. It was a bummer because Paul, Klave's cousin didn't even get to play! Just the same we all had a blast, especially the girls. Nadine and Naomi got pom pons from the mascot and some nice people sitting next to us. All three of the girls "got down" with the rest of the college girls, dancing along with the D.J. The mascot kindof freaked out Naomi with his plastic head. She kept hiding from him and saying, "Mom, I don't want that guy to look at me, he's scary."

Klave and I had a great time watching them and visiting with Uncle Kirt and Aunt Verna and their other son Brian and his "friend" and Paul's girlfriend from BYU-I. I think what made the evening for Nadine and Naomi was the half-time entertainment. Two groups of girls about their age did a dance performance with cute little costumes. They were pretty much in awe. I'm excited to get them into tap dance or something like that. They'll have such a good time.