Monday, February 18, 2008

Go Big Bend!

Two weekends ago we went to the Big Bend Community College boys basketball game to see Klave's cousin play. They are ranked pretty high in the division and played a team that is not even ranked and lost in a close game. It was a bummer because Paul, Klave's cousin didn't even get to play! Just the same we all had a blast, especially the girls. Nadine and Naomi got pom pons from the mascot and some nice people sitting next to us. All three of the girls "got down" with the rest of the college girls, dancing along with the D.J. The mascot kindof freaked out Naomi with his plastic head. She kept hiding from him and saying, "Mom, I don't want that guy to look at me, he's scary."

Klave and I had a great time watching them and visiting with Uncle Kirt and Aunt Verna and their other son Brian and his "friend" and Paul's girlfriend from BYU-I. I think what made the evening for Nadine and Naomi was the half-time entertainment. Two groups of girls about their age did a dance performance with cute little costumes. They were pretty much in awe. I'm excited to get them into tap dance or something like that. They'll have such a good time.

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Michael B. said...

Gotta love the halftime shows!