Sunday, November 18, 2007

New Skills

So, our kids have acquired some new skills this week which have me a little worried for the future but right now they are still cute and funny.
Nora has picked up from somewhere a few different techniques of pouting. I don't know where she got it, Nadine and Naomi have never been big pouters, maybe from her Dad. The pouting can be so theatrical and forced it just makes me laugh, except when she starts hitting herself on the head, that just makes me sad. She'll usually will walk a little ways off and bury her face in her hands and start crying, or into a corner or lay on the floor and cover her face. It's so cute I'll have to get a picture or video sometime, which shouldn't be that hard because she does it over almost anything.
Nadine has learned the skill of manipulating people, mostly Naomi falls victim to this one, poor girl. Yesterday Klave was watching the girls and told them not to get into the gum. After a few minutes Nadine came in and announced that Naomi has gum. Klave goes in to investigate. "Naomi, do you have gum?" Naomi says, "Nadine gave it to me!" Then again at church during sacrament meeting Nadine leans over to Naomi and sweetly asks if Naomi wants to sit on Mommy's lap. Naomi gets up on my lap and Nadine smiles and stretches her whole body out over the cleared bench. She's so sly!
Naomi doesn't have a special new skill this week but her favorite thing to say lately is, "Sorry!" "Oh, sorry Mom, I was going to sit by you." "Oh, sorry Mom I forgot." "Oh, sorry I didn't know." It's really sweet whenever she says it. This is one skill I hope stays around a while.


Michael & Annie Beckstead said...

Nice skills to say the least. I imagine that Nora gets the pouting from Amanda and Nadine gets her slyness from Klave... just kidding... Anyway, we're excited to see you guys tonight! Bear Lake or Bust!

Beatrix Kiddo said...

Amanda, that is hilarious! Your girls are so cute.