Sunday, September 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Nadine and Naomi!!

I can't believe we've had these girls for four years now!!! They are really growing fast and they are so much fun.

We were talking about which friends they would invite to their party and they said, Lanie, Rachel, Ashlynn, Brynlee and Melissa. I'm like, "Who's Melissa?" They were talking about their Aunt Melissa in Utah. Well it worked out really great because David and Melissa had vouchers for Delta that they had to use before December so they flew up for their birthday. David and Melissa are such fun visitors to have. If you want to laugh and have an awesome party, invite David and Melissa. Friday they woke up to all their cousins and David and Melissa to play with. Melissa and I decorated the cakes. We made a princess and a castle one made of cupcakes.
They got a bunch of princess "action figures" and a witch and princes. (They were actually Anakin Skywalker and Obi One Konobi because, Where in the world do you find Prince action figures?) Then they also got a new bike helmet and a ton of princess dress up stuff. Here's Nadine admiring herself in her new heels and jewelry.
Nora also really loved the cakes, here is a video of my little snitch.

We went to the water park on friday with David and Melissa and Dan and Grace and their family. Dan and Adelaide
Uncle David, can you read the secret message in his chest hair?
Aunt Melissa and Lucy

These video's are Klave on the flow rider, he makes it look so easy!
David and Lucy taking a nap

The day after the water park we went fishing at the hatchery. Actually the kids are the only ones aloud to fish but we all had a good time. Last year we caught about 13 fish but realized once we got home that that is way too many fish to eat. This year we left with just 3.

Nadine with the worms

David and Naomi

Dad and Nadine

Nora and "the big one"

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Michael & Annie Beckstead said...

Happy Birthday Girls! Looks like you guys had a blast with David & Melissa! That's cool they could come and see you guys...

Jessica Jensen said...

Happy birthday nadine and naomi~ I can't believe that you're four already! Amanda all the videos are so cute! We miss you guys so much and wish that we could have been there to celebrate with you guys!

A and C said...

That sounds so fun! I want to try that water park-it looks like it would be tons of fun. Congrats on your baby girl too

Kristen Woffinden said...

Hey Amanda, it's been forever! I can't believe your girls are so big! Good to see you here and happy birthday to the girls!
Kristen and the boys (