Monday, June 2, 2008

The Winnecook Ranch

Over the last weekend we took a trip to the church ranch where Klave did his internship in Harlowton, Montana. You probably have never heard of it because only a few people live there Well not really but it's far enough out there that our phone didn't get any kind of coverage until we'd left and been driving for an hour. Some of the highlights of the trip were throwing stuff off the bridge, trying to catch the bunnies that were everywhere, seeing horses, cows, antelope, jack rabbits galore, deer, elk, and our favorite an otter. The otter was the best, we saw him swimming through the river so what do you do? Throw rocks, right? It was cool because wherever we would throw a rock in the water he would swim to that place, so we ran him around for a long time and got him to come really close to us.
This is where we would get our water if we decide to homestead there.

We also went exploring for fossils and went to the buffalo run that is there on the ranch. A buffalo run is where the indians would herd the buffalo up and over a hill but on the back side of a hill is a cliff where they would break their legs and then the indians could eat them. That sounds pretty morbid but it was interesting to see it. There also was a wall of rocks shaped in a "v" and the buffalo would run through the point of it and the indians would hide behind the rocks to scare them through it. (Erin I hope you are not totally disgusted by this post, sorry!)
That's the buffalo run behind the girls.

The drive took about 8 and 1/5 hours but it was really beautiful and it was so fun for Klave to go back and see old friends and reminisce.
.The Jacobson's, our friends we stayed with.
(Travis, Bekah, Emmett, and Seth)

On the way home I was really excited because we could stop in Spokane and go to a store that's not Walmart. Wahoo, I planned to stop at least at Old Navy and get some clothes for this in between stage of pregnant and not pregnant body. I was searching the racks and talking with but not watching my girls when the alarms start blaring! Nadine had opened the emergency exit door. "ok girls, that's alright, just touch the clothes and nothing else ok?" A few minutes later the maniquin next to me starts losing limbs, and an arm comes crashing to the ground. Nadine and Naomi just stood there wide-eyed. That's as far as the shopping trip went. I just can't shop under pressure. We tried a fabric store also for just a few minutes and then headed for Wingers. At first I was kind of bugged that I didn't get to buy anything that it seemed I'd been waiting forever to buy, but quickly enough I realized it really didn't matter. We had such an awesome trip not because we went to an extremely cool place but because we had so much fun together as a family. The whole time I just felt like I was on cloud 9. Everyone was happy for the whole trip (with 5 girls that is not always the case) and I totally could never ask for a better time. I love my family sooooooo much!

Nadine's excited to hold Lucy and get her picture taken.


Marcy M Miller said...

I love the family picture, it is so good! Glad that you had a fun trip and that all the girls were good for it, that is quit a drive!

sarakorbi said...

you guys sure travel A LOT! Sounds like you had a way fun and good trip. I am headed to Idaho without Stephen today. Just me with the kids, so wish me luck! I am going to surprise one of my sisters for her b-day!! If ya see Stephen acting lonely, feel free to invite him over and help you guys put together a table or something. ;) Who took your family pic, it looks great!!

Rin said...

You made up for the animal part with the really cute Nadine picture ;)

Sandee said...
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Katie said...

Sounds like so much fun. You guys are so adventurous!! I wish we lived closer so our girls could play. I know Jenna would love your girls. Maybe someday.... And I totally LOVE the family picture at the top. You guys are adorable!!

Michael & Annie Beckstead said...

That picture of Nadine holding Lucy is awesome! What a fun trip.

Brownies said...

How fun!
I totally can relate to you when you said that you cannot shop under pressure. Thats probably why I haven't gotten much new lately either! And like you said, it really doesn't matter. You guys are so cute.

Anonymous said...

I have been doing research around the Winnecook. I worked there during their centennial celebration in 1980 and even painted the large WB in the old bunk house along with another ranch hand...Good Luck to you and your family!


Rodger said...

Seeing otters always fascinates my kids. Those semi-aquatic mammals are really good at opening shellfish. Have you seen them do that? It’s natural for them to be chasing prey in the water. That is why they follow the rocks you throw at the river. You know, at the ranch where we spend most of our weekends has a wildlife management program. Ranch owners like us are allowed to participate in behind the scenes ranch management. They organize annual wildlife censuses and predator control. Isn’t it amazing?

Rodger Ciliberto