Friday, October 12, 2007

The Chandlers in Moses Lake

Hi everybody! I'm so excited to have a blog and keep up a jounal of our family's comings and goings. Lucky you that get to read our journal!! We moved to Moses Lake at the beginning of this summer into our first house. When we finish the landscaping in the front yard we'll get you a picture. We spent the summer hanging out here and rotating our time between the Aquatic center, the lake (yes there is a lake in Moses Lake), our backyard and all the family that came to visit. It was a great summer and it felt so good to have some space in our home and a yard. Here are some pictures of the girls at the lake, sorry but there won't be any pictures of Klave or I in swimsuits this year.... and probably not next year either.

The girls love to make "cookies" out of the sand, Nadine is holding one in her hand. Nora took the pretending a little too far and really kept eating the sand. SICK!!

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